2018 PARCC Test Score Data Now Available

On October 20, 2018, we detected an update on the State of New Jersey’s website when 2018 statewide PARCC Test data was released.  We have analyzed the data and reported the results on our PARCC Score Reports page.

2018 PARCC Test Scores Overview Jersey City

What are the main takeaways this year?

High Schools: McNair and Infinity Institute remain the top performing high schools in the area by a wide margin.  County Prep and Liberty High School rank as the next two schools.

Middle Schools: Infinity and AEP at MS 4 and Academy 1 remain the top performing middle schools.

Grammar Schools: Soaring Heights Charter School, LCCS, PS 5, and PS 27 all ranked quite highly among schools accommodating both elementary and middle school students.  Soaring Heights ranked number one, while PS 27 Alfred Zampella had 44 8th grade students that performed on par with AEP students on the Algebra 1 test.

Elementary Schools: PS 16 remains the positive outlier among elementary schools, but Jersey City Global Charter School and PS 6 rank as the next two schools.  Right on their heels are PS 33 and PS 25.

For more information on PARCC scores for Jersey City Public Schools, check out the JCBOE’s 2018 performance report here.

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