Ronald E. McNair Academic High School

McNair Academic High School is located at 123 Coles St. near Hamilton Park.  The school serves 9th through 12th grade.


Applications are evaluated as follows:

  • 40% PSAT Score
  • 40% Grades (based on unweighted, absolute scores from middle school report cards)
  • 10% Teacher Recommendations
  • 5% Attendance
  • 5% Extracurricular Activities

In 2017, 240 students were accepted out of about 1000 applications.  196 students confirmed, and 179 students ultimately enrolled.  McNair strives to accept a sample of students that is reasonably representative of Jersey City demographics:

  • 25% Hispanic
  • 25% Black
  • 25% White
  • 25% Other

Applications are sorted into groups by ethnicity and then ranked.  The top 50 students from each of four groups are chosen, and an additional 40 students are selected from the remaining applications, without consideration for ethnicity.


McNair is consistently ranked very highly by various publications as top 1 or 2 high school in New Jersey, and as a top 50 high school in the United States.  Broad enrollment in AP courses, high SAT scores, and a 100% graduation rate demonstrate the rigor of the curriculum.

What do parents like about this school?

McNair has earned a reputation as a challenging high school that prepares students well for colleges and universities.  It is selective, and therefore academically rigorous, which shows in the standardized test scores of its students.  Graduates of McNair go on to study in well known universities across the country.

Uniforms / Dress Code

Traditional business attire is required by all students.

Young men are required to wear dress shoes, socks, button-down dress shirts, ties, and either a suit or slacks/sport coat.  Boat shoes are acceptable footwear in September and October, as well as April through June.

Young women are required to wear appropriate pants, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and blazers with closed toe shoes.  Bright flats, wedges, platforms, and high heels are acceptable footwear in September and October, as well as April through June.  Short or revealing skirts and dresses are not permitted.  Boots above the knee are not permitted.

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