Jersey City Public Schools – Attendance Policy

Can my child miss school to travel long distance to visit family?  What is the policy for sick days, vacation days, religious holidays, an dentist appointments?  The Student Attendance section of the Jersey City Public Schools Code of Conduct is fairly long and detailed.  But here are the main points of the attendance/absence policy:

For Pre-K:

All preschool students are required to be present in attendance on the first day of school.  Students absent on the first day or absent for any 10 consecutive days will be dropped from the program, unless a medical note is provided.

For Grades K-8:

Students with 18 days of unexcused absences in one school year may not be promoted to the next grade.

For Grades 9-12:

Students absent for 18 school days in one school year (or 9 school days for a semester course, or 5 school days for a marking period course) may not be promoted to the next grade and may not be able to participate in extracurricular, athletic, or magnet programs.

Excused absences include:

  • illness, with written medical documentation
  • death in the immediate family (3 days)
  • funeral of other relatives (1 day if local / 3 days if out of state)
  • requirement of health plan or individualized education program (IEP)
  • accommodations for disabilities
  • quarantine
  • state approved religious observances
  • college visits (3 max), with guidance counselor approval
  • suspensions
  • court appearance, with documentation
  • necessary and unavoidable medical or dental appointments
  • NJ State Agencies’ mandated appointments

Parents should notify the school when a child is expected to be absent.  Documentation for excused absences must be provided within 3 days of returning to school.


Are visits to a student’s home country during school days considered absences?

Yes.  Visiting a student’s home country while school is in session is considered an unexcused absence.

Are students required to bring documentation from parents/guardians upon return to school after an absence?

Yes.  Documentation is required for any and all absences.  Medical excuses, etc., must be submitted within 3 days of the last absence.