Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the difference between Infinity Institute and AEP?

AEP is a program that offers accelerated enrichment curriculum for middle school students of Jersey City, and it is located at either Academy I or MS 4.  Infinity Institute is a selective middle and high school that also offers a rigorous Cambridge curriculum.

What is the difference between AEP at Academy I and MS 4?

The AEP curriculum is identical at both schools.  MS 4 is a larger middle school with a significant general education population; Academy I predominantly serves AEP students, as well as HOPE program students.  Students that apply to AEP will be randomly chosen for either MS 4 or Academy I.

What are the class sizes at AEP and Infinity?

Class sizes vary.  AEP program class sizes tend to be around 25 students.  Class sizes at Infinity Institute are generally smaller, but range between about 10 and 30 students per class.

How does transportation work?

Free public city bus tickets are provided to students outside a 2 mile radius of each school.  Additionally public transportation by light rail is possible.

Can I prepare for the admissions tests?

We believe that preparation for the PARCC and PSAT can dramatically improve test scores.  Knowing what to expect and a small amount of practice would help students with the OLSAT as well.  See our Tests and Test Prep page for more information.

What is the admissions timeline?

See our Admissions Timeline.