Educational Consulting

Jersey City Ed offers educational consulting services to families looking for personalized guidance and information about the school system in Jersey City. Whether you are new to the country, moving to Jersey City, or your first child is starting school, having a guide can help you navigate the possible paths to a quality education for your children.

Why choose Jersey City Ed?

  • Experience – We have more than a decade of personal experience navigating the school system, including daycare, summer camps, elementary school, middle school, high school, and applying to college.
  • Depth of Knowledge – We have analyzed state assessments data, understand local school zoning, and consulted with other professionals to curate our information
  • Objective Advice – We value education, and we understand the impact that a quality education can have on a child. We have no affiliations, and can provide objective and practical advice.

Educational Consulting Rates

Please contact us to inquire about our rates. A portion of all payments will go toward enhancing the information freely available on our site and to the local schools of Jersey City.

Schedule your session

To schedule a consultation, please contact us at Jersey City Ed, providing some information about your family’s situation, and we will be in touch.