The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS)

The Ethical Community Charter School (TECCS) is located at 95 Broadway.  The school serves about 400 students from K through 8th grade.

“The Ethical Community Charter School is a safe and caring community where ethics, service, and social justice are the principles that inform every aspect of school life; where teachers lead and collaborate with students in a culture of rigorous academics and mutual respect; where analytical thinking and creativity are prized over rote learning; where children become individuals of integrity, insight, autonomy—and socially productive citizens, workers, leaders.”


A lottery is held in January of each year to determine the students selected for the following school year.  Siblings of current students are given preference.  Applications must be completed by the end of the preceding year in order to be eligible in the lottery.


TECCS values creative and analytical thinking over traditional rote learning.  Students are encouraged to develop character, mutual respect, and autonomy.

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