Charter Schools and Hudson County Schools

There are two main types of schools available to Jersey City residents, public and private.  Within the category of public schools, students may attend Jersey City Public Schools, Hudson County Schools of Technology, and various Charter Schools.

Public Schools

Public schools are government-sponsored, secular schools available to all children and are funded by taxpayer dollars (tuition-free)

Jersey City Public Schools

These schools are administered by the Jersey City Board of Education

New Jersey Charter Schools

The New Jersey Department of Education grants charters to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) who may then administer their own schools

Hudson County Schools of Technology

These schools are administered by the Board of Education of the Hudson County Schools of Technology, under the leadership of the Hudson County Office of the NJ Department of Education

Private Schools

Private schools are established by private businesses or religious organizations that charge tuition.  Click here for a list of private schools in Jersey City.

Charter Schools in Jersey City

Hudson County Schools Available to Jersey City Residents