Learning Community Charter School (LCCS)

Learning Community Charter School (LCCS) is located at 2495 Kennedy Blvd.  The school serves about 600 students from Pre-K through 8th grade.

“At Learning Community Charter School, we encourage each child’s innate curiosity, build a solid foundation in all academic disciplines while integrating art and technology, and nurture each child’s emotional intelligence.”


A lottery is held in January or February of each year to determine the students selected for the following school year.  Siblings of current students are given preference.  Applications must be completed in the fall of the preceding year in order to be eligible in the lottery.


LCCS focuses on teaching children how to learn and to enjoy learning with a focus on progressive, cross curricular, hands-on education.

What do parents like about this school?

Explore 2000 is a safe environment where students are encouraged to develop intellectually, as well as creatively.  The school focuses on project-based interdisciplinary learning that breaks down traditional barriers between subject areas.

LCCS students are engaged in a variety of activities and interactive learning to promote their intellectual curiosity and creativity.  The school’s test scores meet or exceed its New Jersey peers at every grade level and in every subject.

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