High Tech High School

High Tech High School is a Hudson County School of Technology that will be located in Secaucus, NJ starting in the Fall of 2018 (not to be confused with High Technology High School in Lincroft, NJ).



Students in 8th grade apply to High Tech High in the fall and receive notification of their acceptance in February.  The school reviews middle school grades, PSAT scores, attendance, teacher recommendations, and an essay.  A portfolio is recommended and an audition is required for students applying to the Performing Arts Academy.  The school strives to have a student population that reasonably resembles the demographics of Hudson County.  Students can simultaneously apply to County Prep High School using the same online application by completing an additional essay.


High Tech High School students focus on coursework from one of five different Academies, while also completing the traditional high school graduation requirements:

Technology & Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Design & Fabrication

Applied Sciences (Biomedical Science or Environmental Science)

Culinary Arts

What do parents like about this school?

High Tech High School allows students to focus on their areas of interest in an applied learning environment.  The campus will be brand new in the fall of 2018.  Moreover, the high school has been recognized as a top high school in New Jersey and in the United States.

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