PS 16 and PS 5 Rank Among Top 7% of New Jersey Elementary Schools

Cornelia F. Bradford appeared near the top of another list of the best schools in New Jersey, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. The school serves 812 students, and 92% of students scored at or above proficiency in both reading and math. However, only 11% of the student population is economically disadvantaged, as the school is located in the expensive Paulus Hook neighborhood of downtown Jersey City. Over 50% of the student population is Asian, 26% are White, 10% are Hispanic, and 6% are Black. As the school has ranked highly on various top schools lists, it has attracted quite a few students, creating an overcrowding problem that was partially addressed by the addition of a new school building this year.

The next best ranked elementary school in the district was PS 5, Dr. Michael Conti School, which placed 84th in the state among 1370 elementary schools, putting it in the 93rd percentile. (Although the school serves K-8, the U.S. News and World Report ranked the school as both an elementary school and a middle school independently.) In contrast to PS 16, PS 5’s student population is economically and racially more diverse, with 50% of students considered to be economically disadvantaged. Of the students, 40% are Hispanic, 23% are Asian, 16% are White, and 14% are Black.

Both schools performed “Well Above Expectations” even after adjusting for their racial and economic diversity. In other words, students in these schools performed better than what the publication would have expected based on the racial and economic makeup of their students.

Find out where your school ranked here.

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