AEP and Infinity 2021-2022 Application and Exam Registration Form Available

Earlier this week, parents of public fifth grade students should have received information from their schools about the 2021-2022 AEP and Infinity application process. Students and parents of private and parochial schools in the area should also receive this information via their schools, as the Jersey City Public School District has disseminated this information to the administrative offices of these schools.

The OLSAT admissions test will be administered at 8am on May 1, 2021 or May 8, 2021 at each of the public elementary and grammar schools. Each school will choose one of the two test administration.

While parents and students received just over two weeks notice, some accommodations can be made to ensure every student living in the district as of the test dates has the opportunity to apply.

PS #3 made the following form available for PS #3 students to register to take the OLSAT exam at PS #3, but it seems clear that this form is for PS #3 students only.

Based on the AEP and Infinity application information provided by PS #3, the selection criteria for the middle school programs for the 2021-2022 school year will be:

  • Full year grades from prior years
  • Teacher letters of recommendation
  • OLSAT Exam results

5 thoughts on “AEP and Infinity 2021-2022 Application and Exam Registration Form Available”

    1. If you are already in the public school system, speak with your student’s guidance counselor. Otherwise, contact the AEP Program Director by phone. Applications are usually available in January.


      1. No news from the school district yet, as far as we know. Last year, information was not available until April, so we expect it will be some time between February and April.


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