Superintendent Walker Explains Decision to Postpone Reopening and Commit Resources to Reopening Schools in September

“We want to focus our efforts and, most notably, our resources on a full in-person reopening in September this fall for the new school year 2021-2022.”

Click here for the full transcript of Superintendent Walker’s community address on the delayed reopening plan.

8 thoughts on “Superintendent Walker Explains Decision to Postpone Reopening and Commit Resources to Reopening Schools in September”

  1. if the schools are not open NOW It willn’t open in September. What is the different between now and September? He is trying to calm the parents down and when September comes nothing will happen. School must open NOW>


  2. Mr. WALKER made the right decision and I am super proud of him. The mayor needs to mind his business and worry about the growing crime and fund the schools then maybe you have say. President Ali should be ashamed of himself, but we all know his one of Fulops puppets.


    1. Why fund the schools when they refuse to open? I can’t believe I’m saying it, but maybe it’s time to seriously consider turning our $750 Million school budget into a voucher program so parents can send their kids to places that have their shit together. That’d be about $25K a kid by the way. Private schools are about $10-15k a year.


  3. I am a parent of 4 children in this district. I am very appreciative of Mr.Walkers decision to keep the children home until September. The majority of parents voted to remain remote until September. Opening the schools for one month will do more harm than good. Students can’t play with each other or sit together. The children cannot share, and have to be seated for 4 hours. No place of employment will let these parents leave half days. The district does offer plenty of resources it’s about parents reaching out to the schools to see what is available.

    Mr.Walker made the right call!!!


    1. You didn’t have to send your kids if you didn’t want to. Why are you so appreciative that other people are being denied what’s best for their children?


  4. Walker just doesn’t get it so I’ll put it simple: after a year of playing ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf” with you, we no longer trust you to open in September. Resign. Now.


  5. All kinds of excuses for his failed leadership. Tell me why other schools can open you can’t other than you are incompetent


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