How did the Jersey City Board of Education Spend Over $8 million in CARES Act Money?

JCBOE has spent $8 million of nearly $11 million in CARES ACT money, according to CARES Act spending data disclosed at a recent public board meeting. How was it allocated? Here are some of the largest line items:

  • $1.355 million in air duct cleaning
  • over $1.1 million paid to Millenium Communications for technology
  • $532k in Aeramax air filtration systems for 6 priority schools (Liberty High School, PS #6, PS #24, PS #29, PS #38, and PS #37)
  • $478k for temperature kiosks
  • $221k for Chromebooks
  • $216k for student desk partitions
  • additional money spent on disinfecting supplies and personal protective equipment
  • another $1.387 million appears to be earmarked for additional Aeramax air filtration systems at other locations (PS #5, PS #8, PS #22, PS #23 Duncan Annex, PS #25, PS #30, PS #33, PS #34, PS #41, 70 Bright St)

One thought on “How did the Jersey City Board of Education Spend Over $8 million in CARES Act Money?”

  1. if the teachers are vaccinated and they spent Over $8 million. Why Jersey city schools are not open? and how we know the school will open in Sepetember? and why schools are open in other town full time in person but not JC.


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