How Race, Gender, and Economic Advantage Can Predict 2018-2019 NJSLA Standardized Test Scores

We have begun reviewing the 2018-2019 NJSLA test score data recently published by the New Jersey Department of Education, and what stands out from summary level statewide data are the racial, economic, and gender disparities:

  • Racial disparities are present and relatively consistent throughout all grades, with Asian and White students scoring above the state average and African American and Hispanic students scoring below average
  • Economically disadvantaged students consistently score lower, often with the percentage of these students meeting or exceeding expectations being 30% lower than that of their non-economically disadvantaged counterparts
  • The gender disparity present in Grade 3 English and Language Arts appears to become more severe by Grade 8.  And while 3rd grade boys performed marginally better in Math, girls performed marginally better in Math in 8th grade.
% of Students Who Met or Exceeded Expectations
Grade 3 ELA Grade 8 ELA Grade 3 Math Grade 8 Math
Male 46 55 56 27
Female 55 71 54 31
Gender Gap -9 -16 2 -4

Based on this guidance from PARCC, we expect the JCBOE to mail individual score reports to parents soon.  See a sample score report here.

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